Man Discarded Silicone Sex Doll By The River While Others Thought It Was A Human Body And Called The Police

Nov 20, 2022

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more technological products have entered people's field of vision, and people's ideas have become more and more fashionable and inclusive, and their views on many things are no longer so traditional and conservative. This is a reflection of social progress.


But even so, there are still many items that cannot be put on the table, nor can they be widely disseminated by the public, because these things often involve personal privacy and hobbies, and are related to a person's dignity and decency.


For example, the silicone sex doll incident in Florida was a super "embarrassing" scene. A man discarded the silicone sex doll, but forgot to tear up the address list, which made it known to the locals for a while, I think The person involved must be very "big headed"!


silicone sex doll

So, what the hell happened there? How was the silicone sex doll discovered? What do you think about this matter?


It is said that in Miami, Florida, a local citizen accidentally found "a lying person" by the river. Judging from the situation at the scene, it looked very much like a “body”. The local citizen shouted at it, but the other party did not respond. The local citizens were very frightened , Not daring to be negligent, and called the police at the first opportunity.


After receiving the report, the local police rushed to the scene immediately. According to the description of the citizens, they came to the river to check the "dead body", but unexpectedly found that it was a silicone sex doll.

silicone sex doll


It is worth mentioning that this silicone sex doll is made with a ratio of 1:1 to the human body, and the materials are relatively high-grade. Therefore, it looks like a real person from a distance.


So, who would throw it here? Just when the comrades of the police were puzzled, they unexpectedly discovered that the address and telephone number of online shopping were posted on the outer packaging of the silicone sex doll!


In view of the similarity between the silicone sex doll and real people, in order to avoid similar troubles, the police comrades contacted the person concerned and asked him to come and take the doll away and destroy it properly.


silicone sex doll

This matter is more embarrassing. I think when the client comes to move the silicone sex doll, he must have mixed feelings in his heart: If I knew today, why bother.


After this incident was fermented on the Internet, it also aroused heated discussions among netizens. Many netizens joked about the "a big embarrassing scene", "Chaos and abandonment, scumbag!", "Within ten years, the most embarrassing scene in the town A person who impresses people", "Careless negligence, I will have no face to see my neighbors in the future, go hide in other places for a few years."


I have to say that this incident will indeed bring some social pressure to the person involved, especially in the village, where there are a lot of gossip, and this kind of "news" will spread quickly, and the person involved is likely to be single. Part-time job is also a good choice, let time dilute all this.


Editor’s point of view: From being unaccustomed to gradually accepting it, this itself requires a process. In essence, this is not a big deal. In contemporary society, the single economy is so developed, from restaurants that eat for one person to silicone sex doll. We don't need to joke or criticize the embodiment of the single economy.


silicone sex doll

I just hope that in dealing with this kind of matter, the privacy of the parties can be properly taken care of. The embodiment of progress must be that both fashion tolerance and privacy protection keep pace with the times.


In addition, I hope that men will have a long memory, some items cannot be discarded at will, don't let this situation happen again! I also hope that the man has a strong heart and can successfully overcome this small psychological shadow.

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