Previous FIFA World Cup Beauties Review Meanwhile Irontech Doll Has Got Our Own Gorgeous Football Fan

Dec 16, 2022

There is not only strength and passion in the World Cup, but also a variety of styles on the sidelines. There will be "goddesses" appearing in almost every World Cup, and it is not difficult to introduce a dozen of them at one go. Let's start with the classic 98 World Cup in France.


1998 World Cup France - Suzanne

Susana Werner

In the stands of the 1998 World Cup, there was an extra gorgeous scenery, that is Ronaldo's girlfriend Suzanne. She was 20 years old that year, and she was Ronaldo's first public official girlfriend after he became a world-class star. In every Brazilian team game, Suzanne would wear the Brazilian flag as the national team and the one at the front of the national team. Come on man, the combination of the two was also the most enviable golden boy and jade girl in football at that time.


Susana Werner


However, Ronaldo was lost in the final of the World Cup. The Brazil team was defeated by the host France 3-0, but the Brazilians believed that Ronaldo had a more important harvest, which was Suzanne in the stands. But in the end, the couple that everyone was optimistic about did not finally come together. After breaking up with Ronaldo, Suzanne finally married Brazil's national goal Cesar, but almost all fans will never forget the one in the stands in the 98 World Cup in France Blonde girl with Brazilian flag.


2006 World Cup Germany - Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum holding the World Cup


The 2006 World Cup was held in Germany. The Germans, who have always been known for their rigor and staidness, sacrificed the hot national treasure model Heidi Klum at the draw ceremony. She appeared in a sapphire dress, and her curvy figure attracted All the men present.


Heidi Klum on the Victoria's Secret show


Different from other goddesses, Heidi Klum was born in 1973 and was 33 years old in the 2006 World Cup, but she still defeated many young and beautiful models and stood on the World Cup draw ceremony. She is confident, calm and steady , The atmospheric style is obviously more in line with the German aesthetics.


2010 World Cup South Africa - Shakira, Charlize Theron, Riquelme




Shakira in the "Waka Waka" MV

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was held in enthusiastic Africa, and there were more hot beauties. First of all, Shakira, the singer of "Waka Waka", which has become popular all over the world before the start of the World Cup. Of Life" World Cup theme song. Shakira's boyfriend was Spain and Barcelona's famous defender Pique at the time.

Latin beauty Shakira


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron


The second place is the Oscar queen at the lottery ceremony - Charlize Theron, this is a super beauty with dual nationality of the United States and South Africa, with both strength and beauty. Although South Africa has a lot of hot models going abroad during the World Cup, Charlize Theron is still the world's business card that best represents South Africa in terms of face, figure, temperament and fame.

Charlize Theron at the draw ceremony


Larissa Riquelme


Larissa Riquelme at the World Cup

Larissa Riquelme, a Paraguayan female fan who put her mobile phone on her chest, became popular on the Internet all over the world. She became the most popular person on the Internet overnight. Female fans". Alas, in terms of facial features, the girl is actually only above average, but she instantly became the world's top class with a chest-mounted mobile phone. I can only sigh, man...


Larissa Riquelme with her own storage bag


Brazil 2014 World Cup - Fernanda Lima, Ines Sanz


Fernanda Lima


Fernanda Lima at FIFA events


Fernanda Lima, a sign of Brazilian beauties, is a well-known TV anchor, emcee, model and actress in Brazil. During the 2014 World Cup, she signed a contract with the International Football Federation and became a member of the 2014 World Cup and International Football Association. Host of the Golden Globe Awards. A total of more than 5 million viewers around the world watched her program, which led to her being called the "Goddess" or "Muse" of the World Cup by foreign media. It is worth mentioning that after Ronaldo broke up with his ex-girlfriend Miranda, he quickly established a relationship with Fernanda Lima. Of course, aliens never hanged on a tree, and the beautiful Lima is just a passer-by in Da Luo's life.


Fernanda Lima


Ines Sanz

Ines Sanz


In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, beautiful women gathered, and Mexican football reporter Ines Sanz became popular when he reported the World Cup. With her delicate face and petite and graceful figure, although it was only a short-term report on the field, she quickly became the goddess in the hearts of Latin American fans.



World Cup Russia 2018 - Daniela Botero


Daniela Botero on the sidelines


At the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Russia, Natalia's elegant blonde hair, slender body, vacuum upper body, white suit and strong body attracted the attention of countless people, but the goddess of this World Cup, I still prefer Colombian beauty Daniela Botero. The Colombian top model was captured on camera during Colombia's game against Poland, and was later dubbed "the most beautiful woman in the World Cup" by the media.


Daniela Botero


Don't forget the ordinary beautiful fans in the World Cup

In addition to the goddesses with names and surnames, there are actually many female fans who occasionally appear in the shots, and their charm is not too much.


Danish female fans


Argentine female fans


French female fans


Russian female fans


Dutch female fans


German female fans


mexican female fans

And now, guys, come meet Irontech Doll football fan beauty:

Irontech Doll

Luna is a silicone sex doll beauty

Here comes the question, which World Cup goddess do you like? Who will be the goddess of the World Cup in Qatar? Will Irontech Doll representative Luna the silicone sex doll be your answer?

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