Where To Buy Sex Doll With Huge Discount On Black Friday Sale?

Nov 22, 2022

Of course at Irontech Doll Store!

From November 21st to 30th, the Irontech Doll Store will hold a large-scale Thanksgiving promotion, with continuous Black Friday discounts, and some TPE sex doll at US warehouse  will be up to 20% off.


Irontechdoll sex doll Black Friday Sales

At present, the price of TPE sex doll at Irontech Doll US warehouse may be the most cost-effective sex doll in the whole network.


On the other hand, there is also a surprise gift package at silicone sex doll section!

From now until the 30th of this month, anyone who buys silicone sex doll in our store can enjoy the following benefits:


Free standing feet without bolt

Free realistic body painting

Free articulated finger joints

Free second head

Free softer internal vagina

Free EVO skeleton

Free gel breast

Free gel butt


Irontechdoll sex doll Black Friday Sales

Why Irontech Doll?

Material Quality 

First, the material quality of Irontech Doll has reached the industry-leading level. The materials we use, whether it is TPE or silicone, are well-known for their quality, and there is no abnormal quality of inferior products on the market.


Fast Delivery

We have self-operated overseas warehouses. When American customers place an order, some products can be shipped from Los Angeles, and the goods can be received within a few days without long waits. In addition, we have a long-term cooperative international logistics provider, even if it is shipped from the factory, it can arrive in the United States within 6-8 working days at the fastest.


Continuous Innovation

This is also our biggest core advantage. You can see that every week, a batch of new products will be updated on time, among which the silicone sex doll is the most prominent, no matter from its carving, workmanship, painting and other details, you can see from these ultra realistic sex dolls The excellent craftsmanship of Irontech Doll.


Professional And Efficient Teamwork

Customers who have dealt with us have this experience: oh my, Irontech Doll 's customer service is so professional and considerate. Yes, because we are a professional team who know sex dolls like the back of their hands and are extremely proficient in business processes, coupled with meticulous follow-up and timely replies to customers, many customers give our service a thumbs up , and said that they will continue to buy our products and enjoy our state of art customer service in the future.

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